About Bertelsmann Investments

Bertelsmann Investments (BI), Bertelsmann’s global venture capital arm, comprises four funds: Bertelsmann Asia Investments (BAI), Bertelsmann India Investments (BII), Bertelsmann Brazil Investments (BBI), and Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments (BDMI). BI also participates in selected funds, e.g. in Southeast Asia and Africa. The Bertelsmann Next division drives the entrepreneurial development of new growth sectors and business areas, including digital health, with a focus on the U.S. market. To date, around €1.5 billion has been invested in more than 400 innovative companies and funds through Bertelsmann Investments. Bertelsmann Investments (BI) is expanding its start-up and fund network to over 300 active investments.

Bertelsmann is continually expanding its global network of start-up investments. Over the course of 2020, the Group made more than 40 new investments worldwide through its four Bertelsmann Investments funds. Most of the startups operate in lines of business that are highly relevant for the Group, such as innovative media offerings, e-commerce-related services, fintech, and educational services. The investments strengthen Bertelsmann's activities especially in the strategic growth regions of China, India and Brazil. Through their work, all of the funds help to identify innovative and digital trends for the Group, and to further strengthen Bertelsmann’s position as an attractive business partner. Bertelsmann Investments also makes a positive contribution to Bertelsmann's Group profit through capital gains from disposals. In 2020, four of BAI's holdings went public.

Management Board

Carsten Coesfeld
Carsten CoesfeldChief Executive Officer
Jörn Caumanns
Jörn CaumannsChief Financial Officer
Shobhna Mohn
Shobhna MohnChief Strategy Officer


Compliance with the law, responsible conduct, and social responsibility are of central importance to us. To ensure compliance, our parent company has established a compliance organization and an Integrity & Compliance program. 

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About Bertelsmann

Bertelsmann is a media, services and education company that operates in about 50 countries around the world. It includes the broadcaster RTL Group, the trade book publisher Penguin Random House, the music company BMG, the service provider Arvato, the Bertelsmann Printing Group, the Bertelsmann Education Group and Bertelsmann Investments, an international network of funds. The company has around 130,000 employees and generated revenues of €17.3 billion in the 2020 financial year. Bertelsmann stands for creativity and entrepreneurship. This combination promotes first-class media content and innovative service solutions that inspire customers around the world. Bertelsmann aspires to achieve climate neutrality by 2030.